This certification recognizes a comprehensive quality management system.
The well had a lateral length of 18,500 feet and was completed with 124 franc stages in 24 days.
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As the subsea processing challenge increases, motor technology is keeping pace.
Consider fluid selection, case construction, cooling and heat exchanger design, bearing development and more.
Three can't-miss stories from major news outlets
Your week by week guide to North American rig counts
Flow-assurance chemicals are typically fed from supply tanks on FPSOs
This option replaces traditional topside practices, freeing space and increasing efficiency.
Three can't-miss stories from major news outlets
North American basins
Two operators find a method for maximizing Haynesville production.
Three can't-miss stories from major news outlets.
Tests beyond those required for OEMs make recycled parts a viable option.
Collaboration and improved data collection and use will drive the industry's future.
This technology's growth is likely to continue as the industry strives to maximize production from mature and unconventional reservoirs through deeper deviated wells with longer laterals.
Adding an electric motor and eliminating a mechanically actuated arm lead to a more reliable system.
Hydraulic fracturing is by far the most common technique used to break up the rock, and several strategies to create a hydraulic fracture network along the lateral have been developed throughout the years.
Drilled but uncompleted wells will be key to industry success going forward.