Choose the best material for the temperature or load in an application
Your week by week guide to North American rig counts
One system provides both a biocide and a scale inhibitor.
Connected data can help businesses more toward ideal operations.
Abrasive fluids bypass pumps altogether in systems that use this technology.
Expanding these offerings can give companies new revenue opportunities
As operations move to new depths, equipment must continue to evolve.
Image 1. Operator with plunger lift controller (Courtesy of ETC)
These devices can be a good long-term investment.
Collecting data on these factors can help users make better decisions.
Gear pumps had been experiencing vapor-lock in this midstream application.
With wired solutions, a single lightning strike can damage multiple pieces of equipment.
This connector technology eliminates typical elastomeric failure modes by design.
These modules are pre-engineered, pre-assembled, integrated and pre-tested in a factory environment, then transported to the remote location as a single structure.