Chevron will supply 0.5 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas annually for five years.
The technology is designed to improve the reliability of wells completed in sand-prone reservoirs.
The high-speed reaming system was deployed for a client who had experienced previous liner running issues.
Despite Monday's falling oil prices, a major U.S. banking firm predicts the return of 100,000 jobs.
Top 4 Companies in Williston Basin Demonstrate the Benefits of Refracturing
How will this data influence future initial completions?
Despite the global effects of Brexit and other events, oil has bounced back from two-month lows.
Your week by week guide to North American rig counts
Three can't-miss stories from major news outlets
Three can't-miss stories from major news outlets
This solution can eliminate redundant work and unnecessary complexity.
Three can't-miss stories from major news outlets
Technology can avoid preventable issues with seals, cavitation and vibration.
Could oil prices reach a balancing point in 2017?
This technology expands options for fracking resources.
How shale impacts oil price and more
The paper “Arc fault-resistant cabinet solutions for medium voltage drives” explores both the causes of arc faults and the solutions that can help protect personnel from injury. Download the paper today to learn more about this important issue.
As the subsea processing challenge increases, motor technology is keeping pace.
Consider fluid selection, case construction, cooling and heat exchanger design, bearing development and more.