Check out these 12 points before you invest.
open systems approach
Why it’s finally gaining momentum
EAV system
Learn about artificial lift methods that can extend a well's life.
Offshore Platform
These systems must stand up to extreme pressures, destructive process chemicals and marine environments.
Advanced drilling muds can save operators tens of thousands over the course of the job.
Even at lower concentrations, this mud conditioner can save operators money.
pump jack
The small size and simplicity of these pumps make them a great option for tough field conditions.
More activity afoot in 2017
How technology can help companies succeed in the downturn.
System assembly
Avoid intervention risks with rigless options.
It was not immediately clear exactly what the next steps would be on these projects.
Effective sealing in hydraulic applications requires seals and lubricants to work together
Lubrication management for hydraulic applications
Your week by week guide to North American rig counts
multiphase pumping system
Operations can be streamlined and equipment reduced with this technology
Fully scaled wellhead automation using solar-powered, self-contained transmitters.
When producers decide to look into wireless options for deployment, a proper system should be identified based on power requirements, safety rating, RF spectrum and specific application requirements.
In this week’s headlines, California sues to halt offshore oil fracking, experts anticipating that $50 oil will stay with OPEC deal, and what the OPEC deal means for international trade flows.
Wells can benefit significantly from technology-powered optimization
Traditionally, the oil and gas industry has been slow to adopt new technology, yet the tumbling oil prices that sent a tidal wave through the industry have dramatically changed the mindset of oil producers.
OPEC decision impacts 2017 stockpiles, while Trump appoints ExxonMobil CEO to Cabinet.