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Upstream Pumping: How is Trelleborg adapting to the climate of lower oil prices?

John DruryJohn Drury

Managing Director of Trelleborg Offshore UK Limited

“What the change in the market has done … is really made us question conventional wisdom.”

“With the oil price situation over the last 18 months, I just think there’s an increased appetite for having those conversations … conversations around what’s actually needed rather than what’s always been done.”

“It’s about trying to work smarter up and down the value chain. To do that requires collaboration and two-way conversations.”

“We’re in an inherently conservative industry, and rightly so. When something goes wrong, it can be catastrophic. … I’m not suggesting quality or safety standards should be compromised. It’s paramount that they should be maintained.”

“We’re working very hard to make sure that we maintain our investment in people.”

Upstream Pumping: How has the industry changed in the past few years, and how is Raven Lining Systems preparing for the future?

Rob PawlakRob Pawlak

President of Raven Lining Systems

“During the past several years, the key was to find and produce as much crude oil as fast as possible. This led to a supply chain and labor market that was overheated. … One unique development is that some of the bigger companies are gearing up to do their own service work for maintenance and secondary containment rather than subcontracting. They expect to be able to save money by rationalizing their supply chains going into the next boom, so they can improve the bottom line.”

“In the coming years, environmental regulations will continue to get tougher.”

“Sustainable polyurea secondary containment solutions will continue to grow rather than earth and clay or polyethylene sheet liners.”

“We will see an increased awareness and demand for sustainable bio-preferred solutions.”

“Raven Linings Systems recently earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for two products.”

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