Savanna Gray Jul 26, 2016
1. A Refinery-Driven Correction Is Upon Us According to Morgan Stanley, refined oil products are oversupplied. (Bloomberg)
Amelia Messamore Jul 19, 2016
1. 100,000 Oil Jobs Could Be Coming Back
Amelia Messamore Jul 12, 2016
1. Oil Bounces Back from Two-Month Lows on Weaker Dollar
Savanna Gray Jul 5, 2016
1. US oil reserves surpass those of Saudi Arabia and Russia More than half of the US's remaining oil reserves are in unconventional shale oil. (CNBC)
Savanna Gray Jun 28, 2016
1. North Sea Oil Faces Worsening Investment Drought After Brexit U.K. industry is already facing a slump in spending. (Bloomberg)
Amelia Messamore Jun 21, 2016
1. Low Oil Prices Fuel Reconsideration of Petroleum Reserves
Martin Reed Jun 14, 2016
International Energy Agency Predicts Oil Prices Close to Balancing in 2017
Savanna Gray Jun 7, 2016
Oil Hits 2016 High, Driven By Falling Supply And Weaker Dollar The price of oil has nearly doubled since January, when it hit its lowest since late 2003. (Reuters)
Savanna Gray May 17, 2016
Oil prices hit highest level in 7 months 
Savanna Gray May 10, 2016
After 20 Years, OPEC Bids Farewell to Saudi Arabia Oil Chief
Martin Reed May 4, 2016
New Drilling Plans Emerge Amid Rising Oil Prices
Savanna Gray Apr 27, 2016
Oil Prices Hit Six-Month High
Savanna Gray Apr 14, 2016
The Southwestern Petroleum Short Course (SWPSC) is an annual conference that provides practical, technical information to the oil and gas industry.
Savanna Gray Oct 19, 2015
1) Brazil’s fossil fuel production has been increasing since 2013. (via EIA)Read more.