Martin Reed Oct 18, 2016
1. Russia’s Mega India Oil Deal Takes Turf War to Mideast Backyard
Amelia Messamore Oct 11, 2016
1. Putin Says Russia To Join OPEC Production Cut
Savanna Gray Oct 5, 2016
1. How GE might help oil, gas industry amid slump
Amelia Messamore Sep 20, 2016
1. Pipeline Break Lights a Fire Under Gasoline Prices Across Southeast
Savanna Gray Sep 13, 2016
1. When this happens, you'll know the oil industry is in trouble again
Amelia Messamore Aug 30, 2016
1. Oil Prices Rise on US Weather Fears, OPEC Speculation
Savanna Gray Aug 23, 2016
1. Oil prices: Crude will be stuck in a back-and-forth market, analyst says
Martin Reed Aug 16, 2016
1. Oil Prices Reach Their Highest Levels In More Than Five Weeks West Texas Intermediate crude reached $46.16 per barrel on Tuesday, its highest since July 15. (Reuters)
Amelia Messamore Aug 9, 2016
1. Oil Above $45 on U.S. Inventories
Martin Reed Aug 2, 2016
1. Analysts Predict Crude Oil Hitting $57 a Barrel Next Year
Savanna Gray Jul 26, 2016
1. A Refinery-Driven Correction Is Upon Us According to Morgan Stanley, refined oil products are oversupplied. (Bloomberg)
Amelia Messamore Jul 19, 2016
1. 100,000 Oil Jobs Could Be Coming Back
Amelia Messamore Jul 12, 2016
1. Oil Bounces Back from Two-Month Lows on Weaker Dollar
Savanna Gray Jul 5, 2016
1. US oil reserves surpass those of Saudi Arabia and Russia More than half of the US's remaining oil reserves are in unconventional shale oil. (CNBC)
Savanna Gray Jun 28, 2016
1. North Sea Oil Faces Worsening Investment Drought After Brexit U.K. industry is already facing a slump in spending. (Bloomberg)