Russia strikes a $13 billion oil deal in India, the world's fastest growing oil market.

1. Russia’s Mega India Oil Deal Takes Turf War to Mideast Backyard

A $13 billion deal involving Russia in India threatens to weaken the grip of Middle East crude suppliers in the world’s fastest growing oil market. (Bloomberg)

2. Forget 'Peak Oil': We Could Reach 'Peak Demand' for Energy Before 2030

A new report from the World Energy Council has found that per capita energy demand will peak in the next decade or so. (CNBC)

3. BP CEO: We Can Operate at $50 Oil & Still Invest in Growth

BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley said on Oct. 18 the oil company has adjusted to persistently lower oil prices, preparing to operate in an environment with prices as low as $50 a barrel. (MarketWatch)