Advanced drilling muds can save operators tens of thousands over the course of the job.
Even at lower concentrations, this mud conditioner can save operators money.
Your week by week guide to North American rig counts
Your week by week guide to North American rig counts
A vertical cuttings dryer
This technology can reduce WOC and OOC moisture content from 25 percent to 2.5 percent.
Drilled but uncompleted wells will be key to industry success going forward.
APTs represent a serious risk to the oil and gas industry.
Your week by week guide of North American rigs.
These seal-free, lube-free bearings strengthen pump equipment and reduce downtime.
Ultimately, the objective of centrifuging weighted drilling fluids is the removal of colloidal and near-colloidal particles, not the removal of low-gravity solids.
The ultimate goal of a solids-control centrifuge is to reduce the plastic viscosity of the drilling fluid.
Offer maximum added value to effectively maintain market share and profitability.
When selecting a screen, end users should pay special attention to the screen design and the size of the opening.
Operators can avoid future downtime by performing general rig maintenance, making a list of parts and part numbers and checking with the manufacturer to determine part availability.
Many topologies have an advantage because they operate with a relatively small voltage step compared to older NPC topologies and have an input transformer that avoids any common-mode voltage.
This green technology saves operators money and resolves issues.