Improved shakers and centrifuges provide staffing, environmental and financial benefits for drilling processes.
These materials can be reused for sustainable and cost-saving drilling.
Making the upgrade is easier than operators may think.
Individualizing analysis allows produced and flowback water to serve as hydraulic fracturing fluid.
New technologies lead to better production for two Permian Basin operators.
A heat exchanger and cooling tower combination removes heat from a mud system that tests the wear life of downhole drilling tools.
Laser-based inspection can replace manual or visual techniques.
This drive gear reduces maintenance and decreases the pump’s overall footprint.
A modular eccentric sheave that is mounted on a splined shaft allows better load handling.
With key components made of high-chrome iron, these pumps withstand abrasion and have longer lives.
A new invert emulsion system improves drilling efficiency.
Selection depends on the application, required features, weight and size, and maintenance and monitoring system available.
Directional hammers and rotary PDC bits provide today's drillers with alternatives.