Russia strikes a $13 billion oil deal in India, the world's fastest growing oil market.
Putin's revelation that Russia is prepared to join OPEC production cuts creates oil price volatility.
Gas leak wreaks havoc in Southeast US as Venezuelan petroleum industry crumbles.
Advanced burner architecture
Because the flame length is shortened, the time for NOx formation is greatly reduced.
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Weather threats prop up prices, and 70-year low in oil discoveries spurs fears about future supply.
A hydraulic submersible pump
The industry wants to embrace new technology, but success comes from balancing this with the overriding need for safety and reliability.
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Will OPEC agree to a freeze output in September?
a more rigid motor design
Consider these factors to achieve a rigid shaft design while maintaining the proper electrical characteristics.
As the need for economical use of produced water has grown, so has the acceptance of this environmentally friendly biocide.
Oil edges up in U.S., while OPEC plans to meet in late September.
Chevron’s San Ardo oil field
When it comes to the treatment of produced water and its intended use after treatment, one size does not fit all.
A vertical cuttings dryer
This technology can reduce WOC and OOC moisture content from 25 percent to 2.5 percent.