HOUSTON (October 23, 2017) – AFGlobal announced that it has acquired the Axon pressure pump technology and product line from Amkin Technologies, LLC, a privately-held oil field equipment and technology developer. Until recently, Amkin was continuing the evolution of the product offering by supporting ongoing operations and engaged with AFGlobal to realize revolutionary improvements in the construction of the pumps.

The acquisition of the Axon pump technologies and ability for AFGlobal to provide fluid and power ends in conjunction with the company’s pressure pumping systems will help clients realize a dramatic improvement in cost, durability and capability with ease of systems integration. In addition, these products are used across a broad spectrum of pumping technologies, including cementing, acidizing, coiled tubing support and well servicing.

“Equipment reliability in this market is critical, and this acquisition provides us with a valuable adjacent technology to help us further enhance our offering to clients looking to build efficiencies and streamline their operational suppliers,” commented Mark Terry, President of Pressure Pumping and Compression for AFGlobal.