HOUSTON, Texas (Sept. 13, 2017) – Orbital Gas Systems has appointed Jacob Tivey as its trace measurement specialist, based in the company’s Houston office.

Tivey will serve as an integral member of Orbital’s Research and Development team. He will be involved in the company’s groundbreaking research into adsorption phenomena. Tivey will apply his knowledge to existing Orbital technology.

Having recently graduated from the University of Birmingham, UK, with a foundation degree in engineering fundamentals, as well as a bachelors and master’s degree in chemical engineering, Tivey will leverage his research to develop technology with Orbital.

“The focus of Jake’s master’s degree was the study of trace measurement and adsorption phenomena in gas sampling systems; an area relatively unknown to the wider gas industry,” said Nicholas Clough, president and CSO for Orbital. “In terms of trace measurement applications in gas sampling, Jake is at the forefront and we will utilize his expertise in Orbital’s patented VE Technology®, which offers significant trace measurement capability. We are proud to welcome him to the team.”

Tivey is a member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), the global professional membership organization for chemical, biochemical and process engineers and is working towards gaining chartership. He has also had work published and presented at the ISA symposium in Pasadena, Calif.

“Through collaboration with the University of Birmingham and Orbital Gas Systems, I produced my final report, based on hundreds of hours of research and experimental work on adsorption phenomena,” Tivey said. “After a summer internship with Orbital in the U.K., I am excited to now join the Orbital U.S. team and contribute to the growth of ever-more innovative gas solutions.”