EAV system
Learn about artificial lift methods that can extend a well's life.
pump jack
The small size and simplicity of these pumps make them a great option for tough field conditions.
System assembly
Avoid intervention risks with rigless options.
New rod guides
The technology is demonstrating favorable early results and is close to being brought to market.
Oil and gas operations can look to data analytics to increase production.
Increase uptime and maximize assets with affordable software.
pump jack
Today's VFDs can adjust the pump's speed based on varying flow rate to minimize wear of the rods.
Advanced burner architecture
Because the flame length is shortened, the time for NOx formation is greatly reduced.
Top 4 Companies in Williston Basin Demonstrate the Benefits of Refracturing
How will this data influence future initial completions?
North American basins
Two operators find a method for maximizing Haynesville production.
This technology's growth is likely to continue as the industry strives to maximize production from mature and unconventional reservoirs through deeper deviated wells with longer laterals.
Adding an electric motor and eliminating a mechanically actuated arm lead to a more reliable system.
This technology can ensure that oil field operations use only the energy they need.
Automation and real-time analysis can improve personnel safety and reduce costs.
As surface velocity becomes the standard, there will undoubtedly be a wave of new innovations from this change in technology.
Choose the best material for the temperature or load in an application
Your week by week guide of North American rigs.