A nearby nitrogen plant made injection more economical.
Quarterly reports are common, but this data can be outdated when it reaches decision makers. Companies need easy-to-read, actionable, updated information.
A detailed explanation of the failure behavior as a valuable tool.
The use of PAN tuned manifolds can provide more gas throughput for a given driver size.
The critical service hookup system is strategically packaged to easily provide end users with access to one vendor with the complete equipment that they require for successful production.
These products use a generic base to transport the anionic and nonionic active agents that reduce the kinematic viscosity of the crude oil for fluidification and drag reduction.
The tool forces heavier liquid-bearing components to the outside of the tubing string.
The pumps use positive displacement technology to mechanically lower a well's backpressure, unlocking stubborn oil production.
Tank trucks that feature a heavy-duty vacuum system
Specialized technology simplifies well challenges in South Texas and Egypt.
Operators employ outside experts to address technical and environmental issues.
This alternative to sucker rods improves production in unconventional plays.
These low-maintenance, positive displacement pumps offer reliability in vacuum applications.
Sound cementing and completion engineering experience helps a service engineer transition into a new role.
Organizational collaboration and combined systems allow operators to increase production rates and save money.
Alternative driveheads help progressive cavity pumping systems deliver better performance.
The pulsating action and greater stimulation fluid penetration into the reservoir increase oil production.
From drilling mud transfer to chemical dosing, PC pumps provide many options for end users.